From the kitchen to the shelves of the LCBO

Creative Brief.

SoCIAL LITE Vodka is changing the game for alcohol. These lightly carbonated cocktails deliver a crisp, clean taste without any sugar, sweetener or artificial ingredients. At 80 calories per can, it’s the perfect drink for any occasion.

With most companies, you only ever really see the storied success – how an entrepreneur grew an idea into the giant you see today. Most monoliths won’t tell you about the sweat and tears that go behind a project - what it takes to cultivate something that is truly innovative and unique.

We wanted to find that real story behind “Social Lite Vodka” with co-founder and CEO, Dan Beach. Like his co-founders and many other like-minded people, Dan wanted to find a solution that could allow him to live his active, runner lifestyle, but also enjoy the little things in life - like getting a drink with friends. SoCIAL LITE was born. But his success did not come without its difficulties. Origins Media Haus' goal was to bring the challenges to life in a truthful, honest way that allows the audience to see the raw emotion that pushes SoCIAL LITE's product forward.