Datenight Babysitting: Elize Shirdel

An app that connect parents to babysitters.

Creative Brief.

By looking towards the future, we can find the answer something in our past. Elize Shirdel wanted to solve a problem that was becoming increasingly relevant in 2018 – how can I manage my family life?

In a time where apps are increasingly relevant to our daily lives, Elize took it a step further and integrated it in helping people manage their time with Datenight Babysitting, an app that allows parents to seamlessly connect with babysitters. Looking beyond the horizon, Elize saw how this app could grow into more. Like many entrepreneurs, Shirdel dreams big, and the Origins Media Haus team wanted to showcase where they she is coming from and why she built Datenight Babysitting. Through Elize’s personalized story of success and failures, we reveal the hard work and care that has taken modern family life by storm.