Fuck Up Diaries V

Written by: Stephanie Andrews

At Origins Mag, we’ve been exploring the power of vulnerable content. When you look at the rise of LinkedIn influencers, a considerable trend is transparency. Now, it’s important to note that by transparency, I don’t mean truthful. The truth can be manipulated. At the end of the day, a story can be truthful, while shielding parts that influence an audience. So, to be more clear, when I say transparency, I specifically mean telling the entire story. What we’ve noticed lately is that rising influencers of LinkedIn are focused on what’s behind the scenes. It gives their audience relatability to the anxiety and exhilaration they’re facing every day. In doing so, it calls for engagement. Smart play LinkedIn Influencers.

Without getting into the thick of yogi culture, balance is necessary to the enjoyment of life. 

Without doing what you love every single day, whether that be taking a hike, watching the Kardashian’s, or drinking a bottle of wine, you will burn out. Guaranteed. Thus, making sure that you have the appropriate yin to your yang, strength to flexibility, work to life, should be your number one priority. 

 It’s not about the big things. You don’t need to take a trip to Kenya every two months (unless you want to). I’m talking about the simple, everyday actions that you can feel grateful for. For most of my friends, that’s spending time with family, meditating, or just taking a walk. Are you currently seeing that on LinkedIn? Hell no. 

 Instead, you see people flying across the globe, crushing their to-do lists, and launching new products. LinkedIn is an archive for motivational Ted Talks, a congregation of the world’s most successful people. Although this is all great – is it really giving you the necessary tools for success? Or is it hiding the most important elements that keep successful people on their toes day after day?

Burnout is no joke. But, the reality is that we’re not doing enough to prevent it. 

When you need a break, you’re bombarded with other people’s success stories. Because it’s told in a relatable way, it provides a simple underlying message: You could be doing this, but you’re not. You’re sitting on your ass, scanning through LinkedIn. It’s not healthy. 

For the purpose of today’s Fuckup Diaries, I’ll admit that I’ve been there. In early last year, I could barely manage to get out of bed in the morning. I was one of those people. LinkedIn was what I always came back to. My logic was that by being on the world’s most professional social media channel, by default I was working. Meanwhile, as I scanned through the success stories, I was drowning. Now combine that with starting a new job, running Origins Mag, and trying to finish a degree. Let’s just say 2017 wasn’t the best of years.

Nonetheless, this article isn’t about doom and gloom. Yes, 2017 fucking sucked. But through all of its shitty-ness, it reaped one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned: Superhumans don’t exist. 

 In popular media, we love to glorify ‘superhumans.’ LinkedIn is not an exception. Celebrities, overnight unicorns, billionaires, influencers. It’s all fake. For some reason, audiences love to put people on top of the world. We want to believe that their limit does not exist (catch the Kady Herron reference?). 

 However, the reality is that these people are everyday human beings. Yes, Elon Musk is doing incredible things, but I can guarantee that he doubts himself from time to time. He also knows how to release stress – whether that’s a rage room or meditation. Whether he knows it or not, he understands his balance. But let’s face it, he’s Elon Musk, so he knows… because he basically knows everything.

As human beings, emotions are unavoidable. Decisions are made primarily on emotion, not logic. That’s why superhumans are so easy to persuade us. 

They build a relationship, rather than cue the hard sell. In product terms, that’s why a better brand will always have a higher market share. Content isn’t any different than food. We choose what we consume based on the relationship we have with the golden arches, an Instagram story, or a LinkedIn post. 

 Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur, working in a start-up, or even a corporate 9 to 5, it’s easy to get caught up in future projects and past mistakes. It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that you can handle everything. After all, if Elon Musk or Gary V can do it, you can too. But then one day, after you’ve worked your ass off and built your perfect life, you’ll find yourself without a clue how to enjoy any of it. To sum up, it comes down to honesty. Be honest with yourself about what you need. Check in with yourself every damn day. Ask yourself how you’re doing today. Every moment is different and it’s okay to slow down. 

Through balance - you find strength.