EP3: 50 Shades of Bullsh*t

By: Hailey Krychman

On this episode of What The Peeve, we are diving deep into romantic relationships: what are the kinds of pet peeves that come up when you’re partnered…or not? After all with relationships, as Britt says, “aren’t we technically supposed to be happy in one?”

First up is Mathew; he’s been single for a couple of years now, but he revisits how one of his biggest relationships ended while apartment hunting! After 5 years, Matthew and his partner were ready to move in together. Just when Matthew thought he found a great place, he received a breakup message over Facebook that shocked him:

“I think, just […] knowing him as a person, it was kind of shocking because he was 5 years older than me,he was in his thirties, he was a teacher, and I was like oh, is this what we teach kids these days, to break up over text message or Facebook?”

Mathew gets brutally honest about being blindsided in a relationship:

“If you’re really in a relationship, you’ve opened your heart up to be hurt, but you believe the person you’re opening your heart to won’t actually hurt you.”

Meanwhile, our next guest Sophie discusses the little annoying things her boyfriend does that are now amplified since they started living together. On top of being a mumbler, he tends to zone out during important conversations:

“I can start talking about something completely different and he won’t even notice.”However, Sophie and her boyfriend keep it real by being honest with each other: “As corny as it is, talking about your feelings is really important. Being expressive, saying not only the positive things but the negative things, the frustrating things because fighting…it ends up helping your relationship. It’s normal.”

Finally, our CEO Steph talks about how a recent breakup really hurt her feelings:

“There’s something to be said for inconsideration of someone’s time, for someone’s feelings. At the end of the day, I’m a straightforward person and if you’re not feeling the relationship or whatever it was […]- don’t feed me some bullshit about how you love me […]”

Steph reflects on what she’s learned since the breakup and how she’s moving forward with positivity and gratitude in mind:

“Always remember why you were with him in the first place.”


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