Melissa Gallagher: Director of Franchising, Canopy Growth Corp.

Written by: Stephanie Andrews

Building a business while balancing a career is challenging. Melissa Gallagher did not let that stop her.

Journey - From Idea to Reality 

After graduating from George Brown with a Business Marketing diploma, Gallagher began her career as a business consultant. Later accepting a job offer at Twist Marketing, Gallagher was named 30 under 30 by Marketing Magazine for her 'sub of the day' campaign. 

In her latest venture, Gallagher invested in 'Elle Fitness and Social' aiming to reposition their brand since their transition from ‘Flirty Girl Fitness’. Although the balance is challenging, to Gallagher, starting something on her own was a seamless transition.

“It’s a different feeling than working a regular 9-5 job. A start-up is like raising a child: you watch it grow, deal with challenges, celebrate its success and failures.”​  

Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Looking to grow her team with people who have the same entrepreneurial spirit, Gallagher believes:

“Whatever an entrepreneur does, they will not stop until they are successful.” 

Although failure is inevitable, it’s important to learn from it and find people who share that mindset. Gallagher’s motivation is simple, she loves knowing that her clients are successful. More importantly, she wants her clients to see in the same light.

In marketing, it’s about the strategies and tactics that build a strong brand. Your biggest challenge will always be the ‘why.’ Why is a customer going to choose you over someone else? 

To communicate your value effectively, you need to understand your customer’s purchase behaviour and persona. 

Gallagher’s Advice for Entrepreneurs 


“Make sure there is a market for what you’re selling.” 

Know your audience. 

Understand how and when they want to be spoken to. 

“It’s all about figuring out who your target market is and finding the right way to communicate and approach them.” 

Truly understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

“I find you always have to take a step back and remember how your task relates to your own and client's success to appreciate the amount of effort you put forth everyday.”

Definition of Success

For Gallagher, success is success. It’s about exceeding objectives, money and recognition is just a bi-product of making your clients successful. 

“Money is important to keep the lights on, but for me, money does not measure my definition of success.” ​ 

Don’t get caught up with the minutes that pass by, think about the value you’re giving to your clients — the big picture.