5 Brand Podcasts That You’ll 100% Get Hooked On

By Kayla Zhu

You probably know this already but - here at Origins Media Haus, we’re pretty big podcast geeks. Of course, we enjoy a good narrative or comedy series from time to time, but our true love is brand podcasts. And expectedly so... it’s what we create here! Podcasts are one of the most effective ways a customer can get to know your company. They range from product and service explainers, to general discussions on creative topics, to philosophies, or even issues in a company’s industry. But at the end of the day, it’s better to show rather than tell right? So we’ve compiled a list of company podcasts for you to check out how some MAJOR brands are using this medium for both promotion and engagement.

1. Hackable? by McAfee

In our digital age, cybersecurity and privacy are everyone’s top concern. “Hackable?” is an in-house podcast by McAfee that discusses different types of cybercrime. In their words, it “gives us an in-depth view of the vulnerabilities we face so we can stay observant, and out of the hacker’s path”.

While listening, host Geoff Siskind exposes the places that hackers might hit and explains how they get our information; from Wi-Fi to cars to webcams. The podcast features experts from computer science and data security to breakdown cybercrime. It has a fun, narrative flow to it, but is also jam-packed with valuable information.

McAfee really goes above and beyond with their “Hackable?” content. With every episode that’s published, they give their audiences a supplementary article that exhaustively details how to protect yourself from the cybercrime featured on the episode.

Seriously, these guys put out a LOT of content.

Hackable? is a super polished, comprehensive series that appeals to general audiences, tech enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Virus software has never been more entertaining.

2. Girlboss Radio (Girlboss)

In our opinion, female entrepreneurs are pretty kickass. Sophia Amoruso happens to be one of them, and she hosts a pretty awesome podcast (while running a pretty awesome company too.)

On each episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia discusses work, life and everything in between with “boundary-pushing women who've made their mark.” Guests talk about how they started their careers, setbacks, insecurities, how they’ve found success, and how they define it.

It’s an unfiltered, intimate and super inspirational conversation between two badass chicks that we’re sure you’ll love.

On the marketing side, Amoruso adds value to her personal brand with every episode, which is invaluable for building a community of women entrepreneurs who need her Girlboss resources.  

3. Work in Progress (Slack)

If you aren’t already in love with Slack, their awesome app, and even awesome-r blog page, their podcast may just do the trick.

In “Work in Progress,” host Dan Misener explores how people across all professions find meaning and identity in their work. The episodes feature personal stories of success, ambition, insecurities, and failures, while zeroing in on one individual’s journey in their line of work. It’s goal is to “dive deep into a human desire we can all relate to: finding meaning and a sense of purpose in how we spend all the little moments that fill the hours between nine and five, and beyond.”

The production value for Work in Progress is off the charts. For each episode, they have custom illustrations featured on their website as well as descriptive blurbs to introduce the featured guests. Their editing is also extremely dynamic and engaging, seamlessly blending background sound bytes to a wide library of music with their interviews.

4. The Reboot Podcast (Reboot)

On the Reboot podcast, host Jerry Colonna speaks with individuals in various leadership positions at startups on, “the heart and soul, the wins and losses, and the ups and downs” of their jobs. Guests speak on the emotional and psychological challenges they face on their day-to-day grind. It’s real, engaging and super interesting for those of us involved in startups and/or leadership.

Reboot also has a super clean, audience-friendly layout on their website for their podcast. Their SoundCloud link is right at the top, with the featured guest, episode description, and top quotes. The way they package every episode is super great for people who want to gain some insights from the episode without even listening to it (but you still totally should).

Now that’s what we call multi-faceted content.

5. This Much I Know (Seedcamp)

On the other side of the ocean, Seedcamp is profiling some of Europe’s hottest startups and entrepreneurs on their podcast, “This Much I Know.”

Host Carlos Espinal interviews startup founders, investors, and leading tech voices; “the people who’ve built businesses, scaled globally, failed fantastically and learned massively”. They feature guests from a wide range of industries and even include individuals from Seedcamp’s leadership team and startups.

The podcast also features excerpts from Seedcamp’s marketing summits. This gives their audience a well rounded, comprehensive look at all things Seedcamp.

Let us know what you think of our top 5 brand podcasts and let us know which ones you love!